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2023 Team Retreat

2023 Team Retreat

August 10, 2023

On Wednesday July 22nd of 2023, the Windsor team drove up the coast to New Hampshire for a firm retreat. Jonathan was so kind to host the team at his lake home for one day and one night which comprised of many shared laughs and good company. Throughout the day, the team cruised in the boat, shared some delicious meals, and participated in some lake fun. New Hampshire was a beautiful destination for a both fun and meaningful team bonding day. 

Elements of a Successful Company Retreat

Company retreats are so meaningful in many different ways. According to Forbes, "time spent away from the office often yields a 10x return in productivity and eventual profitability" and the four elements that make a company retreat successful are learning, sharing, bonding and unifying. Some of these elements may come across as obvious; however, there are sub-practices within these broad topics that are immensely important for any company to partake in to produce successful company communication and teamwork. 

Learning is the first element of a successful company retreat. Not only must one learn about other team member's envisions regarding company goals, but also learn about each other as individuals in a different light. Learning about someone's lifestyle and personality outside of the workplace can help you understand an individual more fully. This helps communication and team work.  

Sharing is another element of a company retreat that can be underestimated in its effectiveness. Since the Windsor team operates out of two offices in different parts of the country, it can be difficult to share in-person stories and laughs with one another. A retreat offers time for in-person discussions about business development ideas. Shared experiences that result from shared time foster lifetime friendships. 

Bonding is essential for a small in number, yet close-knit firm such as Windsor. Prepping meals and participating in various games allows for team work and further bonding in a relaxed environment. Forbes also mentions how learning new skills with colleagues allows for individuals to offer different perspectives on the same new skill.

Unifying is the final element of a successful retreat. A unified team sacrifices personal agendas in order to accomplish overarching company goals. Through team discussions, the company is able to unify everyone's priorities to further company progress. Every member is united knowing that everyone plays a vital role performing different specialized tasks.

For further reading on this topic here's a link to the Forbes article: Four Critical Elements Of A Successful Company Retreat (