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<strong>What Is Boutique Style or Family Office Wealth Management?</strong>

What Is Boutique Style or Family Office Wealth Management?

Boutique style wealth management takes a different approach to investing and wealth building. As a smaller firm, we focus on offering highly specialized solutions and individualized services to each of our clients. Our boutique style managers have the flexibility to offer tailored products and services and specialize in certain markets or assets classes to better serve our clientele. 

<strong>Small &#38; Independently Operated</strong>

Small & Independently Operated

We have more flexibility than a big wealth management company. There is no bureaucracy that requires your request to go through the different levels of management. Instead, we can give each one of our clients the personalized attention they deserve.

Small firms are also nimble and quick to act. We can pivot, as the situation requires, providing the best service to you. We also offer personalized services instead of standard solutions, because wealth building is unique to you. In our small firm, every client becomes a member of our family.

Specialized Services for High-Net-Worth Clients

You’ve worked hard to achieve the wealth you have now. It’s important to work with a wealth manager who has experience with portfolios like yours. We specialize in serving high-net-worth clients and their unique challenges. That means we offer out-of-the-box solutions the average wealth manager doesn’t have in their arsenal, because most people won’t need them. Individuals with high net worth are not well served by traditional wealth managers, because traditional financial advisors aren’t familiar with the intricacies of managing large sums of money. 

For example, tax ramifications for substantial gains in your portfolio need specialized attention to prevent an increase in personal income taxes. Similarly, high-net-worth individuals need a customized solution to transfer generational wealth and avoid excess taxation. Risk management also looks different when you’re dealing with substantial investments versus a small 401(k).

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Work with Our Boutique Wealth Management Firm

If you want personalized, customized wealth management services geared toward high-net-worth individuals, you’ve come to the right place. We look forward to meeting with you and talking to you about your wealth management needs. Call us today to make an appointment or use our online contact form to get in touch.

Our Clients Are Part of Our Family

At our boutique style wealth management firm, our clients are part of our family office. We want you to feel at home and at ease with us. To give everyone the attention and time they deserve, we limit our clientele to less than 100. This gives us the chance to get to know you and your family, and that includes the family dog. By understanding your situation in life, we can provide the best financial services for you.

FAQs about Boutique Style Wealth Management

We’re a small, specialized wealth management firm working with high-net-worth individuals. Our goals include helping you build and maintain your wealth. If you have questions about our firm, please send us a message. In the meantime, here is more information about working with a boutique wealth management firm.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Small Firm?

Big firms offer standardized solutions to all their clients, and they usually can’t provide personalized services. It’s different when you work with a small wealth management company. There are many benefits to working with a smaller firm, including:

  • No bureaucracy
  • Personal attention
  • Nimble and adaptive
  • Niche specialty 
  • Personalized services

How Do I Find the Right Financial Advisor for My Needs?

The best financial advisor has experience managing wealth similar to yours. As a high-net-worth individual, you need different wealth management services than someone who is just starting out in life. The right financial advisor will offer personalized services to you and take the time to understand your financial needs. They have the in-depth investment expertise you won’t find elsewhere. The first step in the process is to set up a meeting for a consultation where you bring your questions and concerns about your investments. 

Do I Need Personalized Service as a High-Net-Worth Client?

Even if you’re not looking to build a personal relationship with your investment advisor, a personalized approach to financial services can only serve you better. There are no standardized solutions to complex financial needs, and you need someone who can customize a solution that preserves your wealth for you. You may even request specialized investment products not readily available to the mainstream market.