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Claiming Social Security Benefits

Claiming Social Security Benefits

November 16, 2023

Timing when to claim social security benefits is a personal decision and a number of considerations should be taken into account. These considerations include, but are not limited to familial circumstances, spousal social security decisions, and personal financial situations. There is not one specific pathway that will work for every client. Windsor Private Wealth is here for you and your family and we would love to provide you with advice and execution plans.

To read more about claiming social security benefits: 

When Should You Take Social Security

Some tips from the Social Security Administration:

Best Age to Start Benefits´╗┐

Social Security plays an important role in your retirement strategy. But, don’t forget,  the amount you’ll receive depends on the age at which you file. You can start claiming benefits as early as 62, but for each month you delay past your full retirement age you’ll receive a bonus.