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Virtual Sake Tasting & Capital Market Update

Virtual Sake Tasting & Capital Market Update

October 20, 2023

Thank you to everyone who attended, and made possible, our Virtual Sake Tasting & Capital Market Update Event!

Calamos Investments’ Cathy Oken, VP Senior Investment Consultant, was honored to sponsor Windsor Private Wealth’s virtual sake tasting. Our event featured Managing Partners, Tara Schutz, for a market update and Jonathan Lonske, for a market outlook.

Takasan Co. worked with us to curate the perfect virtual tasting experience, Yuno & Kanpai Kenny are truly amazing at what they do. 


Each attendee received a sake tasting kit containing 4 sake samples, 4 ochoko cup set, and various Japanese snacks (serving up to 4 people).

Stay posted for our upcoming Signature events... Virtual Tequila Tasting in early 2024! ¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa' dentro!

For those who didn't make it to our sake tasting, below you will find guides & resources to reference along your personal sake journey. I’ve also included our most recent capital market update video, which JL discussed live during our tasting. 

Fun fact: premium sakes have no sulfites or preservatives = (almost) no hangover :)

Sake 101 – What’ in the bottle? (6min)       

Mastering the Basics of Sake (15min)

Video Capital Market Update – Bondfire (4min)

Than you & please feel free to shoot over any questions or feedback. Hope you enjoy and learn something new, as we all did 😊

Kind regards, 

Santo Dimino

Director of Marketing & Business Development 

Office/Cell: 857-328-1300

125 High Street, Suite 220

Boston, MA 02110