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Retirement Financing

Retirement Financing

September 07, 2023

You’ve Been Saving. Now What?

You’ve worked long and hard to nurture your retirement account. But when is the right time to start benefiting from your hard-earned savings? Because IRAs and 401(k)s offer tax benefits, the IRS permits you to leave your money untouched until your 59 ½ birthday. However, just because you can withdraw funds doesn’t mean you should.

Retirement approaches quickly, so navigate to the quick reads linked below to help answer some of your questions regarding retirement financing.

For awareness of some retirement finances:

Navigating Retirement Pitfalls 

For information on borrowing from a 401K:

Should You Borrow From Your 401K

For information on penalty free withdrawals from a Traditional IRA:

IRA Withdrawals that Escape the 10% Tax Penalty 

For mitigating the concern of experiencing negative returns in retirement:

Retirement Income and the Traditional Portfolio

For a discussion about systematic withdrawals and the sequence of returns:

Systematic Withdrawals in Retirement